Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Looking for a new MMORPG

I have played essentially every MMORPG to date, F2P, B2P, and subscription based. I am currently bored off my ass and going back through my history of MMORPG gaming looking for something to play until some of the more anticipated new ones are released, GW2, Tera, SWTOR.

This week alone I have tried Star Trek Online, Champions Online, Rift, Warhammer and Age of Conan, as well as some lesser known titles like Wurm Online. Frankly I was disappointed by all of them Warhammer held my interests the longest this week, but only because I could immediately jump into PVP action in Tier 1.

My tastes have changed substantially over the years, especially now that I am married and cannot spend 8 hours a day grinding out levels or raiding, at this point I think a Sandbox type MMO like UO was back in the day or EVE is currently would best fit my play-style and available time allotment. I need a game I can just jump into and play for a few hours and still feel a sense of accomplishment, a game with a community that is good and a game I can make a mark on the world. I still miss making towns and defending them ala UO and Shadowbane.

I was hoping for a time Earthrise would be something I would want to play, but its a buggy peice of shit game, as is the leading sandbox contender Mortal Online. EVE is too slow paced for me, and Darkfalls graphics make me want to puke.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to play?

In the meantime I am waiting to try out these:


  1. WOW WOW hahha joking play RL is the best MMPORPG with good graphics

  2. If you've played Star Wars Galaxies I know there is a group that is doing an emulator for pre-CU

  3. I would LOVE to play the new Star Wars MMO. Sounds amazing... looks amazing. The Troopers are such badasses.

  4. Just need Diablo 3 to come out this year, won't need a new mmo in that case :D

  5. Thanks for the GW2 gameplay trailer!
    Looks pretty awesom..maybe ill try it
    nice blog btw! follow!